The Classic Album


The Classic Album

The pricing below reflects the standard version of the Classic Album. This includes 40 images, luster paper, skinny pages, and plain cover (no image).

Size Options:

  • 8×12, 10×10 – $250 (These size options are free in the Classic Package)
  • 12×12 – $325
  • Fabric & Faux Cover Options Only
  • Best for Parent and Engagement Albums.

You may upgrade your album with the following options for an additional fee.

  • Additional Images – $5.00 each
  • Thick Pages  – $75.00
  • Deep Matte Paper – $75.00
  • 4×4 Cut-Out Cover – Free
  • Photo Panel Cover – $50.00
  • Photo Wrap Cover – $40.00

Cover Upgrade Samples

4×4 Cut-Out Cover Opening (FREE)

Cut-outs offer a distinct option for dressing up your standard covers with images. A window is cut into the cover material and the print is slipped behind it. It does not show through to the first page of the album and needs a separate print.



Photo Panel ($50.00)

Photo Panels combine your choice of material with a photo-paper cover panel.



Photo Wrap ($40.00)

Photo Wrap covers are quality photo-paper covers that are laminated for lasting protection.




If you would like to order the Classic Album or upgrade your album from your wedding photography package, please email me at