The Gold Album

SS-ice-groupingSS-ice-golddiggerSS-armour-groupingSS-armour-enchanted3 Printing TypesKodak metallic is a hi-gloss, high contrast, pearlescent photo paperFuji lustre is an e-surface paper that has been coatedKodak deep matte has no surface shine and no coating

The Gold Album

My Gold Wedding Album is an edge-to-edge flush mount album printed in your choice of Fuji lustre, Fuji deep matte or Kodak metallic silver halide photographic paper. It combines custom craftsmanship and handmade details with fashion-forward looks. Nearly unlimited cover designs, luxurious leathers, distinctive fabrics and specialty covers all come together to create a look you won’t be able to live without. Starts at $850

Three Size Options
• 8×12” Horizontal or Vertical
• 10×10” Square

Five Cover Options
• Single Material
• Two Material
• Ice
• Armour
• Canvas Wrap

Three Paper Options
• Fuji Lustre
• Kodak Metallic
• Fuji Deep Matte

There are a ton of material options that include true leather, vegan materials, silks, linens, and more. Click here to view the online swatch examples.

Includes Up to 50 Images; Additional Images are $5 Each

Cover Samples

Single Material

Your pick of any one fabric, faux and leather material to create a classic album.


Two Materials

Combine any two materials to create a truly beautiful album cover.


Armour Cover

It is a metallic print emulsion that has been adhered to a thin piece of metal.


Ice Cover 

It is a clear acrylic front cover panel with a metallic print bonded to the underside. Sturdy, with beautifully finished beveled edges, it is scratch resistant and cleans easily. This one is a favorite among my clients.


Canvas Wrap Cover

It is a full cover, canvas wrapped around cover