Raymond + Julia // Griffith Observatory Engagement Session


I did an engagement session with Raymond and Julia at the Griffith Observatory on June 13th last summer, and I was so happy to be able to capture Raymond’s surprise for Julia.

Raymond and Julia both work in public education, and they share a love for helping people. Raymond knew when they met that this was the girl he wanted to marry. With what he could afford, he bought a small, modest ring for her. Although it was simple ring, Julia loved it nonetheless.

Little did Julia know, but the ring he got her was only temporary. Raymond saved as much money as he could to buy her an engagement ring that he felt she deserved and instinctively felt that the place to give her that ring was at the Observatory.

I posed them on a little trail by the observatory and then cued Raymond to take his ring out. Of course, Julia was surprised and touched, especially by how hard Raymond had worked to make this day happen and to get her a new, beautiful ring.

My favorite images from the shoot came when I put a small metal pipe in front of my lens to create a cool flare around the couple. It almost looks like a ring of fire. I’m particularly proud of these images because this is the first time that technique has worked for me—and I loved how it turned out!

Julia & Raymond, congratulations on your engagement! I was honored to be part of this exciting time in your lives, and I can’t wait to see you two married—you deserve so much happiness together!

Griffith-Observatory-Surprise-Proposal-Jimmy-Bui-Photography_0002 Griffith-Observatory-Surprise-Proposal-Jimmy-Bui-Photography_0003 Griffith-Observatory-Surprise-Proposal-Jimmy-Bui-Photography_0004 Griffith-Observatory-Surprise-Proposal-Jimmy-Bui-Photography_0005 Griffith-Observatory-Surprise-Proposal-Jimmy-Bui-Photography_0006 Griffith-Observatory-Surprise-Proposal-Jimmy-Bui-Photography_0007 Griffith-Observatory-Surprise-Proposal-Jimmy-Bui-Photography_0008 Griffith-Observatory-Surprise-Proposal-Jimmy-Bui-Photography_0009 Griffith-Observatory-Surprise-Proposal-Jimmy-Bui-Photography_0010 Griffith-Observatory-Surprise-Proposal-Jimmy-Bui-Photography_0011 Griffith-Observatory-Surprise-Proposal-Jimmy-Bui-Photography_0012 Griffith-Observatory-Surprise-Proposal-Jimmy-Bui-Photography_0013 Griffith-Observatory-Surprise-Proposal-Jimmy-Bui-Photography_0014 Griffith-Observatory-Surprise-Proposal-Jimmy-Bui-Photography_0015 Griffith-Observatory-Surprise-Proposal-Jimmy-Bui-Photography_0016 Griffith-Observatory-Surprise-Proposal-Jimmy-Bui-Photography_0017 Griffith-Observatory-Surprise-Proposal-Jimmy-Bui-Photography_0018 Griffith-Observatory-Surprise-Proposal-Jimmy-Bui-Photography_0019 Griffith-Observatory-Surprise-Proposal-Jimmy-Bui-Photography_0020 Griffith-Observatory-Surprise-Proposal-Jimmy-Bui-Photography_0021 Griffith-Observatory-Surprise-Proposal-Jimmy-Bui-Photography_0022 Griffith-Observatory-Surprise-Proposal-Jimmy-Bui-Photography_0023 Griffith-Observatory-Surprise-Proposal-Jimmy-Bui-Photography_0024

Griffith-Observatory-Surprise-Proposal-Jimmy-Bui-Photography_0036 Griffith-Observatory-Surprise-Proposal-Jimmy-Bui-Photography_0027 Griffith-Observatory-Surprise-Proposal-Jimmy-Bui-Photography_0028 Griffith-Observatory-Surprise-Proposal-Jimmy-Bui-Photography_0029 Griffith-Observatory-Surprise-Proposal-Jimmy-Bui-Photography_0030 Griffith-Observatory-Surprise-Proposal-Jimmy-Bui-Photography_0031 Griffith-Observatory-Surprise-Proposal-Jimmy-Bui-Photography_0032 Griffith-Observatory-Surprise-Proposal-Jimmy-Bui-Photography_0033 Griffith-Observatory-Surprise-Proposal-Jimmy-Bui-Photography_0034 Griffith-Observatory-Surprise-Proposal-Jimmy-Bui-Photography_0035

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